Low Carbon Off-Grid Communities (LOGiC)

In a joint effort to pilot North-West Europe towards a low-carbon energy future, nine project partners have teamed up to develop a standardised model for renewables-based decentral hybrid energy systems (DHES) in the project “Low Carbon Off-Grid Communities (LOGiC)”.

Join the community

Join our effort toward a low carbon energy future. The main goal of LOGiC is to develop a standard model for a renewable based energy hybrid system. For LOGIC this means that the critical factor in successful DHES deployment will be community and stakeholder involvement. Therefore we invite all parties in Europe to join our Logic community of practice (CoP). 

‌The ´Community of Practice´ connects follower regions, private sector, as well as other stakeholders that might be interesting in joining the community.


 The objective is to establish three demonstration sites where DHES are operational: in the UK, NL and DE. The pilots will each highlight and focus on relevant aspects of DHES.

‌The mission of the CoP will be to reinforce local support in Europe, to act as a sounding board for new projects and to share knowledge for decentralised renewables in Europe.‌

If you want to join contact via logic@nhn.nl



To meet the goal of LOGiC it is essential to exchange experiences and knowledge, please meet us at the following events.
LOGiC to present at G-STIC 2018: Energy Positive Communities (Brussels, 29 November 2018)
As part of GSTIC-2018, LOGiC will present in the session on "energy positive communities".‌
‌The session brings together two worlds: the world of the big energy infrastructures (based on the national energy plans) on one side and the world of the local energy initiatives on the other side. Key Questions addressed include:
- how do the national energy plans take into account those local energy initiatives? 
‌- how do national energy plans value the local energy services?
‌- when and where will those two worlds meet each other physically? 
‌- which technologies are necessary to make that match?
Contact person: David Lecoque
Site Visit to Texel Island
You are kindly invited on 18 October 2018 to visit the island of Texel, the Netherlands, for a unique site visit to learn and discuss experiences of the Low Carbon Off-Grid Communities (LOGiC) project and other decentralised renewable energy projects in Europe.


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o TOTAL BUDGET: € 4.21 m
o TIMELINE 2017-2020


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